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Naira has been devalued

Naira has been devalued - Sanusi Nomso Obiajuru Yesterday 125813 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Send email – Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II believes Naira has already been devalued – Sanusi’s remarks comes against the backdrop of President Muhammadu Buhari refusal to devalue the currency of Nigeria – Sanusi says FG needs clarity of thinking in the handling of the foreign exchange policy The argument about devaluation of naira is misunderstood because the naira has already been devalued, this is according to the Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II. Speaking with BBC Africa on Business Report, Sanusi was quoted saying: “This argument (on devaluation) I think has first of all been framed wrong, it’s not an argument about do we devalue or do we not devalue. The naira has already been devalued. “What is the value of the naira? It’s what you can get for it, what you can get for the dollar in a free market between a willing buyer and a willing seller – and it is not 197. “All that is happ…

Married men refused to pay after enjoying their services.

The Married men who refused to pay after enjoying their services. The Punch reports that the prostitutes whose ‘hub’ is around Summit Road, Asaba, the state capiitalSaid that they had told the clients that a round of sex was N3,000 while ‘Till Day Break’ ranges between N7,000 and N8,000. But the customers pressured the prostitutes into getting started with an upfront payment of N2,000 for each round, with a promise of paying up the balance afterwards, but refused to fulfill their part of the bargain. This reportedly led to trouble for the men as the sex workers who had warned that failure to pay the balance would amount to untold trouble, pounced on them and detained them afterwards. Silver Ogieriakhi, who was party to the assault, said: “We manhandled the men and detained them when they tried to prove logic for us.” Preliminary investigations have reportedly commenced on the matter and it was revealed that the brothel where the incident occurred is a known beehive of activities at ni…